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China's population has been the emergence of new trends has been a serious imbalance in the population structure, population is also increasingly apparent structural contradictions have become longer period of current and future demographic development of the main contradictions of sustainable development has affected the population, as a constraint to economic and social development key factors necessary to further improve the population policy.

Current population policy adjustments necessity and urgency

Population, weak economic foundation, per capita relative shortage of resources is China's basic national conditions. China in the early 1970s began to implement the family planning policy, after 40 years of effort, effective control of the rapid population growth has greatly eased the pressure on resources and the environment. Our birth rate of 33.43 ‰ in 1970 down to 2012 12.1 ‰, annual net population consisted of 2144 on the 1970s to the current more than 600 million people, total fertility rate declined from 5.83 in 1970, down to the present of about 1.5. But with the family planning policy implementation cycle stretched, its positive effect is gradually decreasing and the side effects are also increasingly apparent, adjusted for the current population policy is very necessary and urgent.

Population prominent structural contradictions

First, the speed of population aging, old before getting rich. Population aging is both a symbol of social progress, but also the 21st century, new challenges facing humanity. China's population age structure from the adult pattern into old age in just 18 years or so, while developed countries used for decades to a hundred years. Our elderly population aged 65 and over in 2012 reached 127 million, accounting for the proportion of elderly population in the world reached 22.7 percent, accounting for the country's population increased from 4.9% in 1982, increased to 9.4% in 2012, an increase of 4.5 percentage points , while from 1953 to 1982 rose by only 0.5 percentage points. It is predicted that by 2030, China's elderly population aged 65 and over will be the first time exceeded the number of children 0-14 years of age population; to 2050, China's elderly aged 65 and over population will reach 400 million, the proportion of the total population will be over 30%. GDP per capita in developed countries are generally in ten thousand U.S. dollars only entered the aging, China in 2000 entered the aging time just over 800 U.S. dollars per capita GDP, China's economic development ahead of aging, namely "old before getting rich." Face ahead of the advent of aging society as a whole from the material to the psychological aspects have not prepared, the existing social security system is not only inadequate but also the low level of pension funding gap larger social pension service system development is seriously lagging behind, facing unprecedented social security pressure.

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2010-10-22 10:02:57 by SteamHeat

Retirement plans too

I agree with what you have written but I see the problems as very complex because of the retirement aspect as well. There are more senior women in poverty than anyone else and there are many causes for this.
Women stayed home to raise children during peak earning years and their retirement plans were not even thought about.
Women became the family caregivers in their family and the individual woman's retirement again went out the window.
Divorces became more common and in an effort to make things more fair, women lost a lot of financial support that they previously received in the event of a divorce

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It was useful for us.

After knowing each other for over 6 years, there wasn't much we didn't know about each other, but the church's pre-marriage sessions were actually really good. Granted it's been a loooong time (29 years?) but I remember there were three other couples there, and we talked about things like how we envisioned spending family holidays, what our biggest fears were about marrying, what kind of habits our SO had that drove us crazy, how did we imagine retirement, wills, financial planning discussions, how much of a part church would play in our marriage and family. We even talked about sex. It sorta rounded out the picture of a marriage over decades, and focused on life after The Wedding

2009-12-14 17:27:53 by KidnappingsAZ

Pre-check Phoenix garages for barried people

2 suspected of planning to bury kidnapped man in Phoenix
Two men are accused of digging a six-foot hole to bury a man they kidnapped and apparently had planned to cover him with cement.
Mariano Perez-Gonzalez, 27, and Doroteo Estrada-Perez, 38, were suspected of hold the man for seven days for $100,000 ransom.
Phoenix Police found a three-by-five-by-six foot hole in a bedroom of a Phoenix home near 75th Avenue and Osborn Road.
Police said the victim was held hostage in another bedroom and heard the suspects cutting cement and talking about burying him because family did not pay the ransom

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