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Axel Schröder ¶ the 2 more blogs from the April blog income report I look closely at today.

And I, of course, analyze the current traffic situation again and then give tips and ideas on how to increase visitor numbers.

This time a blog is, revolves around all sorts of online topics and a blog about natural family planning.

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6 blogs I've already looked at more closely and given tips and new ideas for more traffic.

Today I am working with 2 other German blogs. Since I aufrolle my blog income report from behind to take the revenue and thus usually the number of visitors.

But no blog is perfect, and the two standing at the center today blogs can certainly tolerate other visitors.Traffic Tips for 14 German blogs

Nice find is that it "make money" blogs are not. That makes it something more interesting.

My tips for more traffic

In the following, I analyze the current state of the two blogs and I look primarily at how the current traffic looks like.

Then I list ideas and tips that I have come in but relatively short analysis in the head. These are of course again rather subjective and by no means exhaustive.

But I think that there are good food for thought, which might even bring the blogger itself to other ideas, of course, because they know their blog better.

Have fun.
The blog deals primarily with online issues.

Technology news, online store offers, software news and the like constitute the main part of the content.Traffic Tips for 14 German blogs In addition, there are always times offtopic threads.

A total of 330 articles are published since April 2009. Currently, the blog is but higher frequency than before. In April, 21 products have been published.

Current Traffic
Since I take the April revenue report as a basis, of course, are also the number of visitors from April. This did not look quite as good. With 4, 077 visitors and 6, 167 page views of traffic is somewhat decreased.

Total visitor numbers are still relatively low and the goal is to get more than 10, 000 page views a month regularly is still a bit away.

If you look at the last months, it is noticeable that there is a certain stagnation in visitor numbers since quite a good October 2012.

Traffic Tips
Below are some notes and ideas for more visitor.

  • Mix of news and background articles
    In the long run bring timeless products more visitors than news articles. However, the majority of the article is on the blog more in the news category. Here the author should consider if he can not aspire to a more balanced mix.
  • Topics focus and target group

    I would try to define the subject of the blog a little more closely and to focus on specific topics.

    Attitudes toward and use of knowledge about family planning among Ghanaian men.(Report): An article from: International Journal of Men's Health
    Book (Men's Studies Press)
    2010-08-11 08:12:11 by LongHairedHippie

    Rand Paul: What about instances of rape...

    ...or incest that lead to pregnancy?
    "RP: In cases of rape, trying to prevent pregnancies is obviously the best thing. The morning-after pill works successfully most of the time. Ultimately we do better if we do have better education about family planning."

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