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What is family planning What is <strong><a href=family planning" width="180" height="62"> The objectives and the importance of family planning

Family planning is the means of providing information to people to enable them to decide the number of children they want to have and when they want to have. This requires access to information about methods of contraception and health services appropriate to allow the experience of sexuality in a healthy, happy and safe, as well as planning a pregnancy and birth in the most appropriate.

  • Promote healthy behaviors towards sexuality;
  • Information and advice on sexual and reproductive health;
  • Reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted infections and their consequences, including infertility;
  • Reduce mortality and maternal morbidity, perinatal and infant;
  • Allow the couple to decide when to have children, the number of children they want to have and the spacing between them;
  • Prepare and promote responsible parenthood;
  • Improve sexual and reproductive health of the couple and the welfare of the family.
  • Clarify any doubts about the way the body develops and the way it works in relation to sexuality and reproduction taking into account the woman's age;
  • Please be informed about the pregnancy;
  • To provide information. Inform yourself about anatomy and physiology of human sexuality and reproductive function;
  • Provides information was complete, unbiased and science-based on all contraceptive methods;
  • It is made on clinical and choice of contraception;
  • Are provided free of charge, the contraceptive methods;
  • To provide clarification on the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy;
  • Lends itself to aid in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.
  • Carry out screening for breast and cervical cancer;
  • It is monitoring the pregnancy and preparation for childbirth.

In general, they are activities and services that exist in health centers and the Youth Service Offices or Service Centers of the Regional Youth of the Portuguese Youth Institute, IP

The Right to Family Planning is guaranteed to all by the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, the Law n. 3/84 and reinforced by Law n. º 120/99.
This Law determines, for example, that the contraceptive methods are provided for free in health centers and public hospitals. All people have the right regardless of marital status.

Be informed ... seeketh thy youth health office nearest you, or call for

Sexuality in Line (808 222 003).

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Many women who work full-time also have trouble accessing family planning services. In Oregon and Washington, more than 140,000 households are headed by single women working full-time. Regardless of whether they live in urban or rural areas, they may not be able to easily leave work to go to the doctor or community health center, even if it's located right in their community.
"Our work is about increasing access to the services women need," said Anu Ponnamma, PPCW vice president of marketing and program development, "and what better way than by creating collaborative models with our sister affiliates?"
Here's to the future of accessible birth control for women!
Heather Merriam is affiliate resources representative with the PPFA Affiliate Leadership and Development Group

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Buying the Republican Party

1 Philip Morris Companies Inc., New York
Philip Morris is a diversified corporation with tobacco, beer, and food-product divisions that produce Kraft cheese products, Miller Lite beer, and Marlboro cigarettes. $6,211,508
2 Amway Corporation, Ada, Michigan/De Vos family
Amway is an international retailer of household goods that uses door-to-door salespeople to market its products. The De Vos and Van Andel families founded and manage Amway. $4,518,500
3 American Financial Group Inc./Lindner family, Cincinnati
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AMA Women's Rights article about Afghan women (1998)

Some people accuse the Left of supporting the Taliban and/or not supporting women's rights in Afghanistan because they might question our current course in that area.
Well, the Left is way ahead of those that think that. Here is an article on the AMA site from 1998:
Women's Health and Human Rights in Afghanistan
Zohra Rasekh, MPH; Heidi M. Bauer, MD, MPH, MS; M. Michele Manos, PhD, MPH; Vincent Iacopino, MD, PhD
Context.—During the past 20 years, social and political upheavals have disrupted the way of life in Afghanistan. The Taliban regime, a radical Islamic movement that took control of Kabul in September 1996, has had extraordinary health consequences for Afghan women

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