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SENENEWS.COM - "It is not to impose families to reduce their children" according to Wade

"It is not to impose families to reduce their children, but rather it is to explain." This was given the President of the Republic of Senegal on Tuesday at the opening of the International Conference on Family Planning. It attracted more than 2, 000 policy makers and public health experts in Dakar. The conference takes place from 29 November to 2 December 2011.

The world's leading experts on reproductive health and HIV are found in Dakar, Senegal, for the most important conference in the history of family planning. "We will proceed with the decentralization of family planning. Couples voluntarily limit their children. It does not impose, but to make them understand, "suggested the president Abdoulaye Wade.

"With children, you must feed them. In this harsh world, it takes hard work. To survive, it is good to limit the number of children, "said the head of state Abdoulaye Wade.

Senegal for President, it is a matter of personal freedom.

In any case, family planning is an issue it is time to put forward on the world stage.

The Dakar Conference will continue for the World Day against AIDS, December 1. Recent research has demonstrated the possibility of a link between hormonal contraception and Hiv, a special round table will bring together experts to discuss the conclusions to be drawn and ways to safely respond to this double need of protection for women, especially Africa.

Mamadou Lamin Mane

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Depression and risk behaviors among males attending family planning clinics.(Report): An article from: International Journal of Men's Health
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2008-03-10 05:47:45 by cheaande

Abortions are highest where religion is highest

'As societies become more prosperous and women acquire better opportunities, they seek smaller families. In the early years of transition, contraceptives are often hard to obtain and poorly understood, so women will also use abortion to limit the number of children. But, as a study published in the journal International Family Planning Perspectives shows, once the birth rate stabilises, contraceptive use continues to increase and the abortion rate falls. In this case one trend causes the other: "Rising contraceptive use results in reduced abortion incidence." The rate of abortion falls once 80% of the population is using effective contraception

2001-11-17 11:55:03 by bluesluver2

Bin Ladin Linked To Terrorism For Years

Bin Laden has been linked to a web of terror for years
The Providence Journal
BOSTON -- Osama bin Laden, the prime suspect in the Sept. 11, attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, hides away, a shadowy figure who is said to dispatch terror from places such as the Hindu Kush mountains in Pakistan.
But he has tentacles.
Bin Laden's network reportedly has at least 3,000 operatives and a goal: to wage a war against the United States, which he calls the 'Great Satan.'
He has as an almost god-like status among his followers, who attend guerrilla-training camps in Afghanistan and then morph into outwardly appearing regular Joes who settle in Israel or even in American suburbs as they lay the groundwork to carry out their orders

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