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Obama Likely To Allow Aid For Abortion Counseling : NPR

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Index. 1. Introduction
Two. National Organizations
Three. International Organizations
April. Conclusions
May. Bibliography

1. Introduction

In the preparation of this work may develop various aspects about the agency greater importance nationally and internationally with regard to preschoolers.
Important aspects should be taken as there is a history of these organisms, which are the ends that are used in them to carry out the objectives, what are those objectives and purposes which are proposed by each institution. Another aspect to be taken into account and that is vitally important, are the activities performed on Organisms. These activities will be treated as the key point in order to understand which are the main projects that have been carried out and what are those that are intended to run short, medium and long term.

Thanks to the development we can get to know each of these bodies that we are important because we are studying the race today. This workshop will serve as a kind of guide for children, so at some point need to know which are the organizations that are responsible for each type of problem, especially in national bodies, ie of our country.

Two. National Organizations

History: 1011 Movement is an organization of citizens gathered under a Civil Partnership nonprofit that seeks to empower mothers, fathers and representatives for their active and decisive participation in their children's schools and thus influence the attainment of an education free, democratic and quality.
Purpose: Public Policy discussion related to the educational system to provide the optics of Parents and Representatives.
Objectives: To create the communication necessary for the operation of a Parent Company and representatives of any school, public or private.
Activities: seminars, meetings, lectures, workshops, etc.. Within these activities we can say the ABC Societies of Parents and Guardians, a Seminar two hours where they provide basic tools of organization, participation, legal and communication to parents.
Note: I would like to highlight this association, and that despite working with parents, their mission is focused on education of children and contents of the same, including children who are in preschool age.

  • Association helps a child:

HISTORY: This is a partnership with various protection programs, which enters Development Organizations. They work according to the LOPNA (Organic Law of Protection of Children and Adolescents). They are located in the Capital District, Cerro Quintero Street, Residence Villa D'Este Las Mercedes. Tel: 516.56.28 / 511.22.32. E-mail: asoayudanino [at]
Purpose: In attendance: To meet the needs of children and adolescents and their families who are in poverty. Support and guidance: To encourage integration of the child / adolescent within the family and society, as well as guiding the harmonious development of relations between family members. Rehabilitation and prevention: To care for children / girls and adolescents who are consumers of alcoholic, narcotic or psychotropic substances, and to prevent the occurrence of situations of vulnerability. Identification: To meet the needs of registration of children / girls and adolescents in the Civil Registry and obtain their identity cards. Education and training: To meet the training needs, training and education of children / girls and adolescents. Location: To meet the needs of children / girls and adolescents to locate their parents, relatives, representatives or guardians, who are lost, missing or somehow been separated from the bosom of his family or care institution in which they are, or they have violated their right to identity.
Objectives: These programs are organized in order to provide comprehensive care whose primary objective is to decouple the street child and his family and community integration.
Activities: Among the activities that are performed fall into three stages of development function of such activities. In Stage I Open centers are located where they receive comprehensive care to children who sleep in the street and gives daytime shelter. In the Second Stage is the Casa Hogar, which serves children from 8-15 years. The Stage III has the Houses Farms, serving adolescents. Has the purpose of recreation for holiday periods, weekends, etc.. for all children.
NOTA: La importancia de esta Asociación es la ayuda que se les presta a los niños de cualquier edad en sus actividades de Primera Etapa, que brindan captación a los mismos, y que permiten el desarrollo con el paso del tiempo a las otras etapas.

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What a difference 10 days make

The positives so far are sweeping:
An executive order that commits the United States to closing the international shame that is Guantanamo Bay, and that will finally mean that Guantanamo detainees will receive legal due process—and that the United States has returned to respecting the rule of law.
An executive order, and a clear statement from Obama's attorney general-designate Eric Holder, that reject the Bush administration's policy on torture.
Repeal of the Bush administration order that banned funding to international family planning organizations that supported legal abortions, which means that vital women's health services to poor countries...

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