International History of Family planning

Zambian soap stars spread the word on family planning - Case

Abstract: Through a brief review of the act internationally, the author presents the multi-faceted, deep and multi-faceted education child scavandone meaning.

To cope with the so-called "educational challenge" strives to give us new content talking about education, including the latest, to the kindness of education, education for economic citizenship.

Education is first and foremost a law that takes the form of educational rights.

It is interesting to do a reading, in that direction, of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child signed in New York on 20 November 1989.

The first article in which he speaks of education is art. 20, concerning the environment of the Child, which states the formula "the need to ensure a degree of continuity in a child." The term "continuity in education" is used at the national level, usually at school, it should inspire any educational intervention and especially the parental couple. For continuity means constant and consistent actions, giving roots and take into account that "a child is a person and a person's life is a continuum from the instant in which it is conceived at the time when he dies" (the writer Oriana Fallaci 1 ). "Culture and education sanction the continuity of history that is embodied in the thoughts and daily actions. The future fate of humanity depends on the choices of our present "(the psychotherapist Fulvio Scapparo).

Art. 24 on the health of the child, it is called "parent education" (even when referring to family planning). The education of parents, also understood as automaieutica, is truly necessary for the welfare of children, thinking of the numerous cases of pathological families or pathogens. Hence the need for interventions to support parents, in a coordinated and targeted, which accompany and remain always in training parents as a "treadmill" and not in an exceptional manner or replacement, as a "crutch" or a "prosthesis" .

Art. 28, dedicated to education, it recognizes "the right of the child to education" and not "the right to be educated, " as we read in our legislation, for example in art. 315 bis. civ. (Inserted by Law 219/2012). Being polite may suggest to a position of awe, of passivity, instead getting an education makes one think of an interaction, a report because education is report and is in the report. Art. 28 we read, then, "the full realization of this right, " similar expression is found only in art. 24, relating to health. Because health and education are prerequisites wholeness of the person, his freedom and its implementation. In fact, in the human sciences we use the word "achievement" to express "personal fulfillment", "self-realization", or other related. The Convention speaks of "realization" in general in Articles. 41, 43 and 44 to fulfillment of all children's rights and obligations of Member States. From this systematic reading of the entire Convention can be seen even more the importance of education and its implementation. Continue reading article. 28 is the phrase "on the basis of equal opportunity, " unique in the Convention, because education is a source of equal opportunity and is itself an opportunity. In the text of art. 28 is identified, then, education with education. Under d) refers to "educational information" as any information should be especially directed at children. In paragraph 2 of art. 28 there is the combination of "school discipline" and "human dignity", which should not be overlooked by teachers and students. According to some etymologists "dignity" has the same origin as the Latin verbs "dicere, " to show, say, and "docere", raise awareness, educate, and then between discipline (Latin for "discere" learn) and dignity, there is a deep connection . The school, giving himself as the supreme goal of human dignity, recovers its image of "training for life", where you learn not for school but for life, for themselves (to paraphrase an aphorism of Seneca). In the third and last paragraph of art. 28 is expected to "international cooperation in the field of education", forecast that recalls the importance of education because international cooperation, in addition to being programmed in a general manner in the Preamble and Art. 45, is encouraged in other situations the fundamental legal, regulated in the Articles. 17 (information), 22 (boy "refugee"), 23 (disability) and 24 (health).

International family planning programs, 1966-1975: A bibliography
Book (University of Alabama Press)
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Taxpayer Money To Fund Abortions Of

Obama’s First Act: Taxpayer Money To Fund Abortions Of Black Babies: Executive order reverses ban on aid to international “family planning” groups
January 21, 2009
The sickest irony amidst the euphoria of the inauguration of America’s first black President is that one of Obama’s very first actions in office will be to ensure that millions more black babies are aborted in third world countries, with American taxpayers picking up the tab.
One of President Obama’s first acts of “change” will be to issue an executive order that will lift a ban on using taxpayer money to fund international “family planning” groups who counsel women and perform abortions around the world, but mainly in Africa

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Enrongate: In Defense of Marxism

'I never intend to adjust myself to the madness of militarism.'
- Martin Luther King Jr.
'However sugarcoated and ambiguous, every form of authoritarianism must start with a belief in some group's greater right to power, whether that right is justified by sex, race, class, religion, or all four. However far it may expand, the progression inevitably rests on unequal power and airtight roles within the family.'
- Gloria Steinem
'...the world's 358 billionaires ... have more assets than the combined incomes of countries representing nearly half -- 45 per cent -- of the planet's population.'
David Usborne in New York reporting on the UN's 1996 Human Development Report
'Hear me people: We now have to deal with another race---small and feeble when our fathers first met...

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More on Reagan's creating new gen of terrorists-

My thesis: Birth Control then; fewer terrorists now. Since people have such short memories, here's the background:
The Mexico City Policy and the Global Gag
Origins of the Mexico City Policy
In 1981, for the first time in history, a U.S. president with
political commitments to the anti-family planning,
anti-choice movement took office. During the Reagan
administration, individuals with anti-family planning views
were placed in charge of federal family planning programs

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