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They talk about family planning or reproductive "responsible" and more emphasis on responsible, international agencies and NGOs involved in population declines promote campaigns of gigantic magnitude directed toward the "responsibility" that entails bringing a child into the world as weight if unsustainable for humanity and those parents, they say, are "responsible" for contributing to the annihilation of the next generations in this situation the freedom of individuals has little space.

At this point it is a proposal, it is clear that where the United Nations documents use the term "Population Policy" it comes from a neo-Malthusian stance considering only a policy of birth control, otherwise it uses term " natalist policies ". But a policy of population control may be, but the expression is much richer, has a greater amplitude in the case of countries like ours, if we abide by the UN policy leads to suicide, bypassing development.

So when there is the discussion of reproductive health as a means to reduce fertility, and consequently reduce poverty, removes the focus from the real target, mediate solutions are proposed for a deeper problem, which is poverty, its elimination or reduction, narrowing the gap of socioeconomic differences in this country and the rest of the world.

Globally quarter of pregnancies, estimated at almost 180 million annually, end in induced abortion, so says an article entitled "The incidence of abortion worldwide, " published in the journal "International Perspectives on Planning Family.

The report states that during 1995 there were approximately 46 million abortions worldwide. Of these about 26 million were legal and 20 million illegal. In addition, approximately 35 out of every 1, 000 women of 15-44 years had an abortion in that year.

The number of induced abortions increased by three million in comparison to 1987, which estimated 43 million, of which 15 million were illegal. In addition, developing regions, home to 79% of the world population, account for 64% of legal abortions performed in the world and 95% of illegal abortions

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KPFA/Pacifica Campaign Bulletin - PBNB/1/8/01

Hi PBNB Readers;
This is primarily KPFA/Pacifica Campaign information.
The REGULAR ISSUE of the PBNB should be out either late this evening,
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KPFA Station Board Meeting!
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Dear LAB members this is the final version of our agenda. See you at the meeting.
Agenda for KPFA LAB January 9, 2002 meeting at the North...

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