International Summit on Family Planning

17 | June | 2013 | kracktivist

A major summit is being planned for July, you want to pour money into family planning in the developing world, after nearly two decades of neglect, especially during the Bush years.

Parallel to this, millions of dollars are being spent by the Gates Foundation in the development of more efficient forms of contraception, including injections that can only be required once every six months or annually.

The executive director of the Population Fund, United Nations, Babatunde Osotimehin, an interview with the Guardian, described the summit proposals to transform family planning in a global movement as "transformational".

Family planning can be political minefield, a taboo subject that attracts opposition from a number of opponents, including American social conservatives and the Catholic Church. Widespread resistance there, too, in many Muslim countries.

Family planning was also influenced by his association with "population control" - discredited attempts by various countries to reduce their populations through coercion. There are an estimated 250 million women worldwide who need access to family planning, in the form of information and regular supply of contraceptives.

The summit, to be held in London on July 11, aims to provide access to family planning to 120 million women with an estimated cost of $ 4 billion. It is being organized by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the government department British International Development (DFID). Between 20 and 25 countries are scheduled to attend, including the U.S., India, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Tanzania.

Osotimehin, the sumit of the co-president, speaking at his office in New York, acknowledged that direct funding and political support for family planning had been reduced in the last 15 years or more, in part because of a switch of resources to combating HIV / AIDS and in part because of the social and political opposition.

The Bush administration withdrew funding in 2002 for the U.S. Population Fund United Nations stating that supported forced abortions. Administration Obama has restored America's contributions.

Despite the change of the U.S., yet there is the same tendency of family planning in many parts of the world, as it had in the 1970s and 1980s. Osotimehin, a former Minister of Health of Nigeria, sees the summit as "an opportunity to play catch-up. "

Family planning, he said, "allows women to take charge of their lives and for young people to plan their lives. It enables the woman to do what they want to do in terms of number of children who want and can afford. "

It is estimated that 40 percent of pregnancies in the developing world are unplanned.

The purpose of the meeting is to provide a better family planning in 69 of the poorest countries with low rates of contraception. Much of the $ 4 billion will come from health budgets of these countries, with the remainder coming from the Gates Foundation, DFID and other countries.

Osotimehin said: "It's about the overall planning ... what it takes to provide these facilities for women and girls around the world and really change the course of their lives. This is what will make it transformative."

Much of the disc is normally reclusive Melinda Gates. Gates Foundation, run by Melinda and her husband, is $ 34bn.

Special session on children--update. (From the Executive Director).(United Nations conference planned)(Brief Article): An article from: Childhood Education
Book (Association for Childhood Education International)
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They're working on it.

Software billionaire Bill Gates, who previously has advocated the reduction of the human population through the use of vaccines, and his wife Melinda marked the 100th year since the First International Eugenics Congress in London with a “family planning” summit with abortionists and the United Nations.
Both Bill and Melinda Gates repeatedly have said there are too many people on earth.
“This was made explicit by Melinda Gates in 2011 when she commented that ‘government leaders … are now beginning to understand that providing access to contraceptives is a cost-effective way to foster economic growth,’” Christian Voice said

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