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At the beginning of the 1950s included in Indonesia doctors, midwives and other experts together to address problems of health care for mothers and children. They initiated a program later than Keluarga Berencana (" family planning was known ").

Their efforts led to the establishment of the Family Planning Association (PKBI - Perkumpulan Berencana Keluarga Indonesia) in 1957. This developed to date a variety of family planning programs.

These programs were designed as simple as possible and were mainly promoted as measures for health care of mother and child.

In 1966, when the Indonesian government's recognition that a positive contribution to the development of the country is possible through family planning. 1967 signed by the then President Suharto together with 29 other government leaders, the World Population Declaration. As a result, committed his government to pay special attention to the population development.

1970, a separate ministry was created to promote the family planning program. The National Agency for Family Planning, abbreviated BKKBN (Badan Nasional Koordinasi Keluarga Berencana), developed a variety of family planning measures.

At this time the BKKBN saw a great success in that it managed to attract 50, 000 participants for their programs. The term family planning resulted in little public controversy.

A survey, which was conducted in late 1987, pointed to the successes achieved so far by the Indonesian family planning program. The survey was conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics and Westinghouse in 20 provinces. These 20 provinces were about 93 percent of the country's population. This revealed that 94 percent of all married women know a modern method of contraception. 63.1 percent of women who were married, had ever used contraception and of 94.5 percent a modern method.

In the meantime (2007), the BKKBN 12 to 17 million subscribers throughout Indonesia, come daily 15000-20000 added.

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At the beginning of the health-oriented programs Order was clearly in the foreground. First, the government had to provide communication, information and education work in order to make their services accessible to the general population. Initially, the programs were therefore to clinics on the islands of Java and Bali restricted.

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God bless the Church!

The Roman Catholic church on Thursday said it has sufficient support in the Philippine congress to defeat a controversial family planning bill promoting sex education and the use of contraceptives.
The bill seeks to establish a national family planning programme that would include sex education and advice on birth control, which the church considers "immoral."

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