National family planning v. Sullivan

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The area of Women's Health encompasses a set of activities internationally designated Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and that the level of provision is divided into: Maternal Health (SM), Family Planning (FP) and Cervical Cancer Screening in uterus and breast, framing is a national priority of the National Reproductive Health Program (PNSR) Directorate General of Health (DGS).

These activities and particularly the area of Maternal, require an effective linkage between two structures caregiving: Health Centres and Hospitals, which is expected in the Units Coordinating Functional (UCF), according to the order No. 12917/98 of 27 July. The proper functioning of UCF, should effectively respond to existing needs and to find the best solutions to provide and facilitate the sharing of care, according to the available resources (development of protocols and standards coordination ...).

The intervention areas of Women's Health, need and require an interconnection with other programs such as Child Health and Oncological Diseases and other services such as Chemical-Pharmaceutical.

It is understood that it is extremely important on the one hand to improve performance and profitability of the various areas of this program, the sharing of information the existence of a common language and the promotion and dialogue between the different structures, not only in UCF as within the health facility. On the other hand, knowledge of the activities carried out through the implementation indicators that allow the identification of the problems encountered and the study of strategies to overcome them or to improve various performances.

There still exist a "program-type" superiorly appointed to develop this area, care has reference to the legislation, the Technical Guidelines and Circulars Normative and Informational of DGS.


Breastfeeding & Natural Family Planning: Selected Papers from the Fourth National and International Symposium on Natural Family Planning
Book (Km Assocs)
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O.k here's the scoop on John G. Roberts

Our new supreme court justice sounds like a winner:
Women’s Rights
Immediately after President Bush announced his selection of Roberts, Operation Rescue, an organization founded to terrorize women, obstruct reproductive freedom, and shut down health clinics, issued a press release saying, “Operation Rescue supports this selection.  Roberts has shown strong conservative credentials with indications that he will not uphold Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that decriminalized abortion.” The anti-choice homophobe Gary Bauer promptly issued a statement hailing Roberts as "a refreshing nominee who possesses an outstanding record of judicial accomplishment as well as a commitment to judicial restraint long missing from so many activist courts

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Symposium on Methodologies for Evaluation of National Family Planning Programmes in Its Various Stages of Development : a report on the joint JOICEP/IGCC Symposium on Methodologies of [sic] Evaluation of National Family Planning Programmes in Its Various Stages of Development in Tokyo, Japan, 30th October 1977
Book (The Secretariat)

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