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Marriage accompaniment

The church family work offers a diverse range of couples and married couples, fathers and mothers, parents and families. Information about this can be obtained from the bishoprics of family units or at the local family education centers and training centers.

In addition, there are a number of organizations and institutions where you receive specific support:

• Working Group of the Maltese NRP works
• German Caritas Association
• Family Federation of Catholics
• Catholic Workers Movement
• Catholic National Conference
• Catholic study group for family recreation
• Kolping Germany

Working Group of the Maltese NRP works
Kalker Str. 22-24, 51103 Cologne
Phone 0221/9822-591
malteser.nfp @
The Working Group NFP exists since 1981 and is one of the AM stations Maltese gGmbH. Their duties include the nationwide information on Natural Family Planning, quality assurance and scientific monitoring of the NFP counseling and the development of target-specific services.
In the past ten years, the Working Group NFP has developed additional services and materials on sex education and girls' and women's work. Among other things, "Alec and Sara", "Happy Birthday or a man created" "butterflies in the stomach" and "The silent language of the body".

German Caritas Association
PO Box 420, 79004 Freiburg
0761/200-0 Phone, fax 0761/200-572
About the Caritas get individuals, couples and families a wide variety of supports: brother-shaft counseling, educational counseling, debt counseling, addiction counseling, assistance in special circumstances, for diseases and many more.

Family Federation of Catholics
Reinhardtstr. 13, 10117 Berlin
Tel 030/326756-0
The Family Federation stands up in politics, the church and society for families. In his magazine "Voice of Children" he informed about the latest developments in family policy.

Catholic Workers Movement
Family Educational Institute
Annaberg 40, 45721 holders
Phone 02364/105-0
Besides other things, offers the Family Educational Institute in cooperation with holiday sites on weekends and holidays, an extensive training program and leads through family holidays.

Catholic National Conference marriage, family and life counseling
Kaiserstr. 161, 53113 Bonn, Germany
Tel 0228/103-0
Here families learn where they (better too early than too late!) Find sympathetic listener (s) for their internal problems. Dissolves much more easily than by frying in its own juice with expert help from "outside".

Catholic Working Group for family recreation
Kolpingplatz 5-11, 50667 Cologne
Phone 0221/20701-170
By sending a stamped self-addressed envelope DIN A 5-families receive the current catalog of the family vacation sites and information when family recreation can be promoted.

Liguori Publications Natural Family Planning
eBooks (Liguori Publications)
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Natural Family planning

You and your boyfriend need to discuss how and learn howto use natural family planning (one way to find out if he is serious about a relationship OR just using your body for his pleasure)
wikipedia has an article on natural family planning
Here is a local contact for classes
San Francisco
Christopher Lyford
Director Office of Marriage & Family Life
1 Peter Yorke Way
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 614-54681
(415) 565-3678 FAX
Catholic Church requires or suggests this class as marriage preparation so they are used to giving it to unwed couples

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Liguori Publications Natural Family Planning: A Catholic Approach
Book (Liguori Publications)

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