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Thomas Hilgers path leads to the understanding of women's fertility

OMAHA, Friday, June 24, 2011 ( - As a young medical resident in 1968, Dr. Thomas Hilgers was concerned about the treatment of their patients and kept updated on the progress of medicine. Already as an obstetrician and gynecologist and specialist in reproductive medicine and surgery, is the author of "The NaProTechnology Revolution: Unleashing the Power in a Woman's Cycle" (The Revolution NaProTechnology: Unleashing the power of the woman's cycle). The book recalls what inspired him to found the Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction and develop treatment methods for a wide range of gynecological issues, according to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

In an interview with ZENIT, Hilgers explained that the Creighton Model Fertility Care System is "a single system and therefore must have a special application in the reproductive health of women." "Over the past 30 or 35 years - added - we investigated it continuously and reached the Technology Natural procreative (NaProTechnology). "

According to Hilgers, NaProTechnology is much more than an advanced form of natural family planning, working in cooperation with the cycle of women. "In fact, it has become a new science of women's health, " he said. The science of NaProTechnology has three aspects, said the medical form, shape and prenatal surgical way.

Instead of simply dealing with the problems of fertilization, NaProTechnology works to solve many of the gynecological problems that women face. "It's a 180 degrees in the opposite direction of artificial reproductive technologies", which, as explained by Hilgers, they are suppression or destruction of potential human life, and uncooperative with him.

He says NaProTechnology benefits women who suffer from a variety of problems, including - but not limited to - postpartum depression, ovarian cysts, endometriosis and irregular cycles, can also help prevent premature births resulting from artificial reproductive methods.

"There is an entire surgical department, with almost no scar, which developed - he said. Operate and can reconstruct the reproductive tissues of women like never before." He added that many women are afraid of surgery for severe scarring, causing more problems than solutions. "We can now operate in a way that does not cause scars."

Hilgers said treatment can vary from one injection of progesterone to relieve post-partum depression, observation and treatment of disorders of the menstrual cycle in order to control fertility surgery, both laparoscopic (outside the patient) as traditional.

Abusing fertility
Hilgers debate in his book, the consequences of the emergence of the pill, the growing number of medical and sociological issues related to it, such as abortions, births outside marriage, sexually transmitted diseases, several forms of cancer, cases of physical abuse, increase of divorces, suicides in adolescents, low birth weight babies, neonatal deaths and increased drug use, most evident in the last 40-50 years.

Pope Paul VI Institute Press Creighton model FertilityCare system: An authentic language of a woman's health and fertility
Book (Pope Paul VI Institute Press)
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Part Two

*When you have the baby*
Are you keeping the baby? Oh yes.
Do you plan on a natural or medicated birth? Not really planning, just seeing how I hold out. But I will want the medication on standby.
Are you scared about labor? Of course.
What do you think will be the worst part of labor? Waiting to hear my baby start crying.
Have you taken any classes? Not yet!
Who will be in the delivery room? Just DH.
Are you having the birth videotaped? Nope.
Do you think you will cry when you see the baby for the first time? Of course

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