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Residential estates kitchen waste collection and recycling launch the second phase of funding schemes (with photos)
************************* Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) today (October 31) launched the second phase of residential estates subsidized food waste collection and recycling programs.

ECF at ○ launched in July 2011 $ 50 million "Food Waste Recycling Estate Project" funding schemes at ○ 一 一年 In November 2010 the first batch of eleven estate funds funded a total of about nine million yuan. Participation in subsidized housing estates to install facilities on-site treatment of food waste source separation was, and to promote household food waste reduction. In the first phase a total of about twelve hundred families participate in daily food waste recycling, in addition, in these housing estates to decrease food waste and food waste recycling education activities also cover about thirty-one thousand families.

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) spokesman said: "We are in different food waste recycling plan lessons learned, showing through in the home for source separation, can effectively deal with food waste collection and on-site."

The spokesman said: "At present, four estates food waste treatment facility has been installed, and start collecting and recycling of food waste, other courts will soon be installing the facilities. These estates and other food waste recycling project provides us with a valuable Reference experience. Based on the above projects generally positive response, and respond to public food waste recycling to accelerate our work expectations, we at ○ 一 二年 launched in October the second phase of the funding plan. "

He said: "The first phase involved the courts throughout the territory, including large multi-storey housing estates and low-density residential, located in urban and suburban areas, relevant experience will help us in different modes in different environments to promote the recycling of residential kitchen waste. "

Will fund projects involving estates installation site food waste treatment facilities. Meanwhile, the estate will be held related educational and promotional activities to encourage residents to participate in food waste recycling, and enhance their reducing food waste and food waste recycling awareness. EPA will continue to provide service platform, in the planning and implementation period to provide technical advice to the courts. ECF in the first phase of the program grants totaling nine million yuan, the remaining amount can be estimated in the second phase of funding approximately forty-five estates.


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N the past 20 years, California's housing prices have steadily outpaced its residents' incomes. Housing production hasn't kept up with the influx of new families from around the world and household growth within the state. And the location and type of new housing does not meet the needs of many new California households. As a result, only one in five households can afford a typical home, overcrowding doubled in the 1980s, and more than two million California households pay more than they can afford for their housing.
Meanwhile, the federal government has dramatically cut back programs that used to help local governments accommodate new growth

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Evidence suggests that better educated women contribute much more to economies and plan families better than those lacking education. All of this is possible using existing monies, educational infrastructure, and natural family planning methods.

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