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Secret Seducer

India's fate clock strikes 55 times a day. Each indicates an undesirable Boom Boom: the arrival of thousands of other babies.

The Baby Clock - an invention of the Minister for Health and Family Planning, Sripati Tschandrasekhar, 49, - is now to be placed in the official residence of the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to the unmistakable reminder "how desperate our situation."

The half-billion people multiplies every 24 hours at 55 000 new citizens - the population of a full-blown city center. Tschandrasekhar wants to defuse the explosive birth rate in a decade.

The Holy Indian fertility, the Konarak Temple, "ignite fires of lust" whose famous erotic sculptures themselves in old men ("Newsweek"), the Minister had put up posters, "it Think about a hundred times before you put an innocent child in the world . "

The top baby planner will rain million leaflets with prevention tips to the villages. India's pop bard Mohammed Rafi is singing every day on the radio of love - of love without fear and consequences. In shops and street stalls advertise planning posters for the state desired two-child family.

Tschandrasekhar, a graduate of New York University and married to a New Yorker, even wants America's Secret Seducer from New York's Madison Avenue in its anti-baby-Bataille clamp: the advertising firm J. Walter Thompson applied for the job, "condoms as to make popular as Coca-Cola. "

The minister, father of three, holds the man for the sterilization of the most effective measures. He volunteered to cut and promised emulators transistor radios as a bonus. Medical students from the U.S. Peace Corps assist in many sterilization stations in the country.

But the birth state planners are not dogmatic: They propagate any means "by the method of Christian young men (cold shower) to the modern pill". Only: 566 000 villages in India, where 80 percent of the population, you do not shower, and the modern means often fail due to poverty, superstition and ignorance. For example, planning assistants demonstrated the use of condoms, the domestic brand "Nirodh" (about: freedom from fear), attracted by the fear liberator on bamboo sticks. The farmers did the same - and were surprised when stopped coming.

The people of the land is under the influence of "Vaidyas" and "Hakim" of quacks and homeopaths. But whose principal business is the sale of aphrodisiacs, home made according to the recipes of Love classic "Kama Sutra" and "Anangaranga".

The whole subcontinent has only 85 000 western trained doctors, 85 percent of whom practice in the cities. But in almost every village lives a Hakim: in total there are about 500 000 - and now she wants to win family planners Tschandrasekhar for his campaign.

The Minister appealed to the Hakim, to seek their roots and herb books to sterilizing mixtures. For each recipe that is cheap, simple and effective, he promised them 53 300 mark. Within weeks, the Department received 360 Sent, 150 are now being tested by scientists.

Initially build the family planners nor the resources of the West - and on Western support: For the first time in the history of U.S. foreign aid helps America a developing country with condoms. Mid-September, Washington offered India 100 million pieces of rubber goods as a gift.

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