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1. Audibert M, Roodenbeke E, Pavy-Letourmy A Mathonnat J.

Use of health services community outreach in terms of supply

care is an answer?

Paper presented at the Sustainable Development and Health in the South, 3 December 2004, Lyon, France.

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Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy: Supporting Countries to Close the lack of access to medicines

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Of the medication guide economic analysis

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Estimating Drug Requirements

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Utilisation of first-level health in Mali: Situation Analysis and Outlook

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Evaluation of the use of generic essential drugs in the health district of Mambere-Kadei (Central)

accessed November 3, 2006


WHO Cooperation Strategy 2005-2009 the Union of the Comoros

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Study of the determinants of the use of health services in the area of ​​health Kadutu, South Kivu province, DR Congo

University of Kinshasa / ESP / DES in health economics in December 2005, 71p

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Determinants of prescription generic essential drugs

the primary health care in Gabon

accessed 20 November 2006

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Effect of the Bamako-Initiative drug revolving fund on availability and rational use of essential drugs in primary health care facilities in south-east Nigeria

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Management analysis of drugs and medical devices in a home emergency facility

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20. Ministry of Health.

Bookseller logistics system medication management program


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