Natural Family Planning app

Summary of a lecture delivered at the Congress of the Regional ECC - Brasilia, 30.06.2002

1. The beginning of human life

For an analysis of family planning methods is important to know when it gives the beginning of human life. Every human being begins at conception, that is, when the egg is fertilized by sperm. The natural fertilization occurs in the fallopian tubes and the egg (fertilized egg) moves to the uterus to attach itself to the endometrium (uterine lining). The act of setting up the uterus gives the name of implantation. The time between fertilization and implantation is app. 7 to 10 days. Nidado Once the fetus is fed through the umbilical cord and develops until birth.

2. Artificial methods of family planning

Artificial methods of family planning are classified as drugs (pills, injectables and implants subdermais) spermicide (sponges and jellies), barrier (cervical cap, condom and diaphragm) and mechanical action, whether or not combined with hormones (IUDs). Some even include surgical sterilization (tubal ligation and vasectomy) and abortion family planning methods.

In addition to the side effects of all artificial methods, many of them cause abortion in the early stages of life, in the period of conception (fertilization) fixing the uterus (implantation).

Oral contraceptives present nowadays in the market, known pills, have four mechanisms of action:

1 - producing the suspension of ovulation. In this case there is no fertilization and consequently work as a contraceptive;

2 - change the state of the cervical mucus making access of sperm to the egg. There also act as a contraceptive;

3) - determining changes in the endometrium (the inner wall of the uterus) preventing the implantation of the embryo. In this case operate as abortion.

4) alter the movement of the ovum in the fallopian tubes. If this is fertilized result in abortion - one microaborto when not given an ectopic pregnancy (the child develops in the tube causing serious life threatening to the mother)

Studies in EE. UU. Common shown that the pill may cause abortion in a proportion of 5% to 10%. While the mini-and micro-pills (low dose pills) may cause microaborto 30% to 50% of cases.


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