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Sanjay Gandhi ( Hindi : संजय गांधी; * December 14 1946 in New Delhi , Delhi , † June 23 1980 in New Delhi) was an Indian politician and is the younger son of Feroze and Indira Gandhi . During the state of emergency in India in the mid-1970s, he was also politically influential as controversial. He gained political legitimacy until five months before his death with his election to the Indian Parliament .

Together with his older brother Rajiv , he went to Dehradun and England to school, a college, he did not visit it. While Rajiv later pursued his own career as a pilot, Sanjay remained close to his widowed mother and practiced increasingly political influence - both in person and through his mother - from.

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In 1971 when the production of a "people's car" was adopted for the Indian middle class - India had a state-directed economy - Sanjay Gandhi was exclusively responsible for the development and production and was the first Managing Director of the specially established company Maruti . The public criticism of this approach met Indira Gandhi, however, was by the Bangladesh war distracted. Vehicle production began to no longer lifetimes Sanjay however.

[ Bearbeiten ] During the state of emergency [ Edit ]

1974 Indira Gandhi imposed in response to opposition protests and strikes against their policies state of emergency in India: the upcoming elections were postponed, the martial law introduced that press freedom and constitutional rights are restricted in order to ensure national security. Not of the Congress party led state governments were dismissed and the State concerned the government's rule assumed.

During this time of political unrest (1975-1977), Sanjay Gandhi was to his mother Indira main counselor. He exercised his influence on members of the emergency government, although he neither held an official position, nor was elected to an equivalent position. The late Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral resigned as Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Sanjay mingled in his duties, trying to give instructions.

1976 Sanjay Gandhi started his ideas for economic and social transformations into practice. He had slums in Delhi rooms and forcibly remove the residents of the city [1] . As part of its economic development measures, the city created Noida .

Sanjay had the idea that population growth through programs of family planning to control. Men with two children or more should be a voluntary vasectomy undergo. In the course of the program, however, it should be forced sterilizations have occurred, so the family planning program is still criticized in India, and a generally dismissive attitude towards such government programs there.

[ Bearbeiten ] After the state of emergency [ Edit ]

After Indira Gandhi had lifted the state of emergency in 1977 and lost the late elections held Sanjay hit her in vain before a renewed declaration of emergency. When Charan Singh , the Minister of Interior of the new government of the Janata Party , Indira and Sanjay Gandhi was arrested, newspapers published allegations of forced sterilization, torture and murder against Sanjay. Due to lack of evidence, however, were both released again soon.

The Janata government lost its reputation because it was unable to solve the country's problems and Indira Gandhi won elections in 1980. Sanjay Gandhi won in his constituency in Uttar Pradesh and was the first time for the Congress Party in the Indian Parliament elected.

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