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Planning Law Family Planning Law

Law No. 9263, OF 12 JANUARY 1996.Regulates § 7 of art.226 of the Federal Constitution, which deals with family planning, establishes penalties and other measures.THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC I know that the National Congress decrees and I sanction the following Law:CHAPTER ITHE FAMILY PLANNINGArticle 1 Family planning is the right of every citizen, subject to the provisions of this ActArticle 2 For the purposes of this Act, the term family planning as the set of actions of fertility regulation that guarantees equal rights of the constitution, limiting or increasing the progeny women, men or couples.Sole Paragraph - The use of the actions referred to in the caption for any type of birth control.Article 3 Family planning is an integral part of the overall care actions woman, man or couple, within a global vision care and comprehensive health care.Sole Paragraph - The management levels of the Health System at all levels in the supply of shares provided for in the caput, undertake to ensure, in all its service network, with respect to attention to the woman, the man or couple, program comprehensive health care in all its vital cycles, which includes, as basic activities, among others:I - assistance to the conception and contraception;II - the prenatal care;III - birth care, puerperium and the newborn;IV - the control of sexually transmitted diseases;V - the control and prevention of cervical cancer, breast cancer and penile cancer.Article 4 Family planning is guided by educational and preventive actions and by ensuring equal access to information, means, methods and techniques available for fertility regulation.Sole Paragraph - The Health System will promote the training of human resources, with emphasis on the training of technical personnel in order to promote actions to reproductive health care.Article 5 - It is the duty of the State, through the National Health System, in combination, as appropriate, to instances components of the educational system, improving conditions and informational resources, educational, scientific and technical to ensure the free exercise of family planning.Article 6 The family planning activities are carried out by public and private institutions, philanthropic or not, under this Act and the rules of operation and oversight mechanisms established by the management levels of the Unified Health SystemSole Paragraph - the direction of the National Health System to define general guidelines for family planning.Article 7 - It is permitted to direct or indirect participation of foreign capital in companies or research actions and family planning, and authorized, monitored and controlled by the management body of the National Unified Health System8 The experiments involving humans in the field of fertility regulation will only be allowed if previously authorized, monitored and controlled by the direction of the National Health System and met the criteria established by the World Health OrganizationArticle 9 For the exercise of the right to family planning, will be offered all the methods and techniques of conception and contraception scientifically accepted and not endanger the lives and health of people, guaranteed freedom of choice.

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