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In 1850 BC papyrus Petri contains the first reports on preparations deemed contraceptive, which were to be introduced into the vagina before intercourse. 1550 BC - A papyrus from the Egyptian doctor Kahum writes of the "needs' of the search for a method that can make the woman sterile for a certain period of time. " In the Ebers Papyrus and 'described the first spermicide history associated with a mechanical obstacle: a wool pad soaked in honey and juice of acacia. His action was due to the fermentation of acacia that produces lactic acid creates an unfavorable environment to mobility 'sperm. Even in the Talmud describes a vaginal sponge whose use is permitted to the girls, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Fifth century BC - are attributed to the greek physician Hippocrates various methods of contraception "oral" ingest mixtures of iron sulphate and copper, preparations derived from the crocus, bay leaves, seeds or roots of nettle peonia.Mentre and 'clearly opposed to abortion: "I never provocherei an abortion" ["On the nature of the child"]. century BC - In a Hindu text 'refers to chemical means (hydroquinones?) used for contraception. The Indonesian Pharmacopoeia and 'rich in medicinal plants used for contraception (Lithospermum ruderal and Lycopus virginicus) and which today and' recognized the ability 'to act by enzymatic inactivation of gonadotropins. 98-138 - Sorano defines in his book "Gynecia" the difference between contraception "atokion" and abortion "phtorion": "The first word is a method that prevents conception, and the second 'instead a remedy that removes the fetus." Describes a pessary to be introduced into the cervical canal, with a wire to be retired. Imperial Roman Period - In addition to the dissemination of contraceptive practice of ablutions, are used as animal bladders as a barrier to fertilization. Since the advent of Christianity in the seventeenth century - The only legitimate method of birth control was the 'periodic abstinence or chastity'. These Christian moral principles found their expression in Augustine: "illegally you are with the legitimate spouse when it prevents the fruit of the offspring." 1555 - Fallopian scientifically describes a male condom, with the purpose 'to protect from sifilide.Si is " a sheath of delicate fabric, tailor-made and stored in a bag, placed in the pocket of a cartridge pouch. "It had to be immersed in an astringent decoction of herbs before use. Between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries - is introduced condom , there is a growing use of the bidet with its apparent function contraceptive. Decreases the rate of mortality ', following the introduction of vaccination. Works that appear afraid of overpopulation and its consequences: hunger and famine on a large scale (G. Ortes "Reflections on the population of the nations to report to the national economy" and TRMalthus "Principle of Population") The proposed solutions are voluntary celibacy, or the imposition of contraceptive measures to the poor class. 1717 - Compare the term "condum" A publication of the English physician Turner. In this era is manufactured with intestine montone.Solo the early nineteenth century will spread 'across the world favored by the invention of the vulcanization of rubber. 1743 - N. Cordorcer writes "Historical overview of the progress of the human spirit" theorizing an active control of births, in the modern sense. The Malthusian theory class is hindered by the spread of socialist thought culminated in Marxist theory. Early XIX - The overpopulation problem is also addressed from the standpoint of medical-social and socio-psychological. Created the first centers of hygiene and marital birth control. Start the modern era of contraception, with the writings of F.Plane, R.Owen, J.Stuart C.Knowlton Mill in Great Britain and in the USA. 1877 - The editors C.Brandlangh and A.Besant, having republished the book C.Knowlton "Fruits of Philosophy" of 1832, in which the author describes coitus interruptus as a contraceptive technique, are tried and convicted under the Obscene Pubbblication Act. With a paradoxical effect in Britain speak 'more and more' to contraception and there was a decline in birth rate '. In the U.S., the Congress decided that everything 'that was about contraception was considered obscene, and therefore' could not be distributed in the mail. 1880 - The pharmacist in London W.Rendell creates the first chemical that applied in the vagina has spermicide effect found: cocoa butter and quinine sulfate., 1883 - A Dutch gynecologist W. Mesinga describes a vaginal diaphragm true: once a hemispherical soft, durable, delicate, in rubber 'fixed to a rigid ring. 1866 - A doctor in Edinburgh, Albutt, describes in his book "The wife Handbook" a method to make a lavender post-coital vaginal, hanging a container, equipped with a tube of rubber 'and tap, with a solution of alum and water to the wall before going to bed. After the report was sufficient to put itself on a basin and practice lavender. For this he was expelled from the Order of doctors, for publishing obscene. 1910 - Margaret Sanger, nurse, ask a doctor to prescribe for his patient who had undergone an illegal abortion a remedy that would prevent a new pregnancy, which would most likely have had the same outcome. The medical advice 'that the patient's husband "slept on the roof, instead of in bed." The patient had another abortion, but this time the Moors'. Margaret Sanger from that moment start 'a struggle in favor of birth control, releasing a million copies of "Family limitation" and a magazine "The Woman Rebel". On 1 shows the subtitle: "No gods no masters." 1916 - Margaret Sanger, after knowing the diaphragm Mesinga in Europe, open 'in Brooklyn the first family planning clinic. For the Comstock Law is imprisoned and sentenced, together with his sister Ethel, to several months in prison. Ethel attuo 'hunger strike and was released from jail. The furore port 'Breaking immobility and the creation of companies' which are now grouped in the International Planned Parenthood Federation. 1921 - In England, Mary Stopes founded the first clinic of Birth Control. 1926 - The House of Lords authorizing its' teaching. 1927 - Fellner prepares an ovarian extract to be administered by injection or orally, capable of preventing pregnancy. 1936 - Inhoffer synthesizes the active form of oral estradiol. 1944 - The Planned Parenthood Federation, of which he was president Margareth Sanger, Pincus to be a contribution of $ 3, 600 to devote to na scientific research on birth control in order to achieve a hormonal contraceptive easy to use, "maybe a pill"! 1956 - In the five-year plan to reform the medical 'USSR provides the production of contraceptives and the teaching of contraceptive methods, from the perspective of a "women's advancement." In China, the issue of contraception is addressed publicly by Radio Beijing. 1960 - The American FDA authorizes' Enovid, calling it a contraceptive. The first European pill you will have 'only a year later: ANOVLAR, low-dose estrogen. 1965 - The Vatican pushes and gets to prevent the assembly of the World Health Organization' to give assistance to countries in developing , on the subject of family planning. 1, 971 In-The Italian Constitutional Court repeals the 'art. The CP 553: "Whoever publicly incites to practices against procreation and makes propaganda in favor of it and 'punished with imprisonment ... etc etc ..." In 1975 Italy-Consultors are established in which public and' can do information and prescribe contraceptives. 1, 978 In-Italy is legalized the 'voluntary interruption of pregnancy.

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