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IVFIn 2011,Britain has 60, 000 pairs of couples seeking fertility treatment,IVF began to rise more than 20 years ago,when an increase of 9 times.

British middle-aged women,the fifth had no children.Artificial insemination and then spread,it is difficult to deal with "social infertility."

Kate finally giving birth home.We can also look to their children she wants the problems faced by women in the UK.

Hope for thousands of children eager to British women,British health regulators issued a new guiding principle is undoubtedly a blessing.

UK National Health and Clinical Standards Agency (Nice) new guidelines,to receive a free in vitro insemination (IVF) (hereinafter referred to as artificial insemination) treatment eligibility age,from 39 years to 42 years of age.


To private clinics,an IVF treatment to spend 4000-8000 pounds,many British families can not afford this cost is.British public health NHS IVF treatment provided by 3 years of age,will give a lot of women who have been desperate to send a lifeline.

However,the guiding principle is "guidance",not binding to the local public health agencies themselves,then they can be upwards to 42 years old,you can still stuck in the 39 years of age.Grad.

Even lucky to be "magnified" into it,successful pregnancy is still a chance.Clinical data show that women aged 40-42 IVF success rate of only 14% of women aged 35-38 only pregnancy success rate in half.

In fact,then advanced means of artificial insemination,can not back the biological clock.IVF Women most likely to conceive early age of 20,after a 35-year-old plummeted ability to conceive,after 40 years,the chances of natural conception only about 5%.

Why is getting very late to have children

However,the British woman in the child's age is postponed again and again.UK National Statistics figures show that over the past 30 years,40 women have children after the age of a woman several quadrupled.Close to 40 years before the number of children also showed a clear upward trend.

Although more and more people successful childbearing,but the age factor led to more and more people fail to conceive.Statistics show that more than 40 year-old British women,one-fifth had no children.Which,of course,voluntarily choose not to have children,but it is more objective factors.

Fifth the proportion of women of childbearing age without children in modern British history,only the generation born in the 1920s,women only appeared.

Women born in the 1920s,fertility is the best age in the 1940s,it was during World War II,the lack of school-age males,can understand.Today,40-year-old woman,what factors led to it repeatedly postponed childbearing age?

More and more "social infertility" women seeking artificial insemination IVF help.

Today,more than 40-year-old women,sexual liberation in the 1970s,the feminist movement spawned a generation of tide.Compared with their mother,this generation of people enjoy unprecedented education ,work and travel opportunities.

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