Family Planning Clinic Newcastle

Bilbao, 1959

Bachelor of Medicine at the UPV / EHU. Specialist in Family and Community Medicine
Graduate Primary Care at the University of Newcastle
Emergency Middle Galdakao hospitals and Cruces. 1989-1993
Transplant Coordinator Hospital de Cruces. 1983
Deputy Director of Surgical Services Hospital de Cruces. 1996
Hospital Medical Director Txagorritxu 1997
Health Care Director Osakidetza 1999
Managing Director of the Hospital de Basurto 2005
Managing Director of the Clinical IMQ: Vicente San Sebastian and Virgen Blanca 2010
CEO of IMQ Clinic: Zorrozaurre. 2012

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Counselor, needless to say. que no se nos deteriore el sistema que tenemos, .... Count on me to make the primary does not lose its essence, count on me to not deteriorate the system we have, .... although you know that one does not shut or underwater.

recomendado una lectura. By the way, a while ago, not knowing who you were going to be, I have recommended a reading. Now that you have a name and face I repeat:

por favor lee el escrito de Osatzen Jon, please read the letter from Osatzen

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