National Family Planning

Contravention to the national family planning policy « Struggle

Training organizations CCEF These agencies are licensed by the state to provide training to education to life and Marital and Family Council.

  • French Association of Centers Conjugale Consultation AFCCC
    44 rue Danton 94270 Le Kremlin Bicetre
    Tèl: 01 46 70 88 44
  • CLER Love and Family
    65 boulevard de Clichy 75009 PARIS
    Tèl: 01 48 74 87 60
  • National Federation Couples and Families
    28 place Saint Georges 75009 PARIS
    Tèl: 01 42 85 25 98
    Paris Website:
  • National Federation of Schools Parents and Educators FNEPE
    180 bis rue de Grenelle 75007 PARIS
    Tèl: 01 47 53 62 70
  • National Federation of Rural Families
    7 City of antin 75009 PARIS
  • Institute of Family Sciences - Catholic University of Lyon
    23 place Carnot 69002 LYON
    Tèl: 04 26 84 52 10 / / Fax: 04 26 84 52 09
    E-mail: / / Website:
  • Family Planning
    MFPF - 4 St. Irenaeus square - 75011 PARIS
    Tèl: 01 48 07 29 10
These organization are authorized to provide training to education to life.
  • CNFPT - National Center for Public
    10-12, rue d'Anjou 75381 Paris cedex 08.
    Tel. : 01 55 27 44 00.
  • CPM - Centre for marriage preparation
    8 bis rue Jean Bart - 75006 PARIS.
    Tel. : 01 45 48 26 72.

University of Michigan Library The Negro family: The case for national action
Book (University of Michigan Library)
2007-07-25 19:27:50 by MikeBeach

Planned my Dad's Funeral

The only pre-planning I did before my father died was to locate his military discharge papers as he served in WWII, and look up National cemetaries on the internet. I did this to see what steps they make you go thru. They only need the discharge papers, however, want to be contacted by a funeral director, not a family member. I wish I had pre planned everything, but we were torn with spending time with him at his bedside, going to work, and trying to avoid the thoughts of the impending death. We were exhausted from the bedside vigils when he died and we were not able to make some rational decisions, at the funeral home, and sister-in-law barged in and placed all her family members as pall bearers (the prople my mom can't stand)_and stole all the flowers after the funeral for graves of...

2009-01-30 07:36:02 by --

Part 2 Brasil

10. Most marriages at church. Ceremony emphasizes signing marriage registration book. Divorce only recently legalized and is not accepted. Most men have mistresses. Average marriage age significantly younger than US; education system makes it easier to support a family at a younger age. Large families with lots of kids common.
11. Everyone speaks portugues; this unifies the country. Very few people speak any other language.
12. Important national figures - Lula (president), novella & soccer stars, music stars. Past - Vargas, Kubischek (presidents), past kings, Carmen Miranda, literary figures Amado, Rosa, etc

2013-06-04 11:39:30 by OneVixen2Di48

Thanks, TM for your kind words and concern.

Niece is taking finals and will be through on Thursday PM. Then, she goes in first thing Friday for the biopsy. We are also awaiting the results of her blood tests.
We're planning on having Sis and family over for a picnic to relieve some of the tension. Especially since we will have to await test results.
I think I will join you for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. YAY! Wonder if that includes chocolate chip ice cream? LoL
XoXo Di

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